AdFly As A Publisher? How To Make Money?Must see this tutorial
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Date : July 4,2021
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At first take my salam.Hope all is fine here.

From AdFly, first of all, you will have to register a new account to be able to shorten links and get them out for getting clicks and generating revenue. To register, simply click on the big ‘Join now’ button on the If you want to make money home page and fill out the required information. Under the Account Type section, you will have to choose ‘Link Shrinker: Create’ because you want to shorten/shrink links and make money off of it. Once your account is created, you can shrink any link in your dashboard and all you need to do next is share that link for people to click on it. Sounds easy, right? Well, it is easy to do. There are no complications and no technical skills required in the process. But it is the time to answer a very important question… How Much Can You Make With AdFly? Everything is so easy to do however, the payout is very very little. You might have seen these YouTubers and other individuals claiming you can make tons and tons of money using AdFly, but that’s not really the case. You won’t be seeing any good revenue at all. As you can see down below, one of my friend who was doing the test had only earned about $5 for almost 7,000 views. That’s pathetic! If you think AdFly is going to make you thousands of dollars, then unfortunately it won’t really happen unless you have hundreds of thousands of views as you would only be earning a small part of a penny for each click. There are different payout rates from different countries. In some countries it is high, in some it is very low. And speaking as a marketer, if you have 7,000 people coming at your door, even if you sell a $ 1 product and 0.5 percent of the people buy it (which is a very low number of people), you will still make $35. If you promote a product as an affiliate and earn $10 per sale, a 0.5% conversion rate would bring you $350 in commissions. And that makes sense there. But if you use AdFly for that, it really won’t impact at all. The reality remains the reality here. So, my advice would be to stay away from AdFly unless you just don’t have any other way to monetize your traffic or make money online. What Is The Payout Limit? Although the payout limit is not very high but it is going to take you thousands of clicks/views to get to the limit which is a little as $5. Yes, that’s correct.

So,stay happy stay good.WellCome

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