How can i set time and date of my webpage? Just see this post. !!!
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Date : July 13,2021
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At first take my salam.Hope all is fine here.

Today i bought a new post for you

Now i describe this

First copy this code and past your webpage where' you want to show time and date

<script language ="JavaScript"> var now = newDate();var dayNames =new Array("sunday"monday"tuesday"wednesday"thursday"friday"saturday")var monNames = new Array("january"february"march"april"may"june"july"august"september"october"november"december")document.write("today"+dayNames[now.getDay()] + " " +monNames[now.getMonth()] +" " + now.getDate() + ", " +now.getFullYear()); </script> |<script>atoj = new Date();atoj1= atoj.getHours();atoj2 = atoj.getMinutes();atoj3= atoj.getSeconds();if(atoj1==0){atoj4="AM";atoj1=12}else if(atoj1 <= 11){atoj4=" AM"}else if(atoj1 == 12){atoj4="PM";atoj1=12} else if(atoj1 >=13){atoj4=" PM";atoj1-=12}if(atoj2 <= 9){atoj2="0"+atoj2}document.write(""+atoj1+":"+atoj2+":"+atoj3+""+atoj4+""+"");</script>

So,stay happy stay good.WellCome

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