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Adf.Ly Review. Make money online
04-07-21 (02:25)
They Don’t Tell You You recently got to know about this “cool useful and money making” too by probably watching a YouTube video or in AdFly Review: Here’s What a forum. Those YouTubers and so called ‘experts’ tell you how they are making thousands and thousands of dollars from AdFly using a really simple method. Well, how far the results are real? Can you really make money with AdFly? How does it work? Is AdFly legit? How can you get started? What are some other ways to make money online fast other than AdFly? If you are someone looking for answers to all these questions explained thoroughly in one place, this is the right place for you. Make sure you read the blog post till the very end because, in this AdFly review, I will not only tell you the truth and show you the numbers, but also hand over an amazing free gift that you don’t want to miss out. Without any further ado, let’s get right into the review. Table Of Contents What is AdFly? AdFly (Adf.ly) is a popular URL shortener that is used to shorten a URL of a given website and then redirects a person to a skippable advertisement when the short link is clicked before redirecting a user to the destination URL. Sounds too technical? Well, in simple words, it is a tool that can shorten a link and takes the link clicker to an ad before the website he wants to visit. This enables people to earn money through link clicks, and helps marketers and businesses advertise their products or services to millions of people at extremely affordable rates. AdFly is one of the oldest high- paying URL shorteners that not only has a really good reputation but a track record of paying its link shrinkers (users) on time and a great place for advertisers to spend their marketing budget. We will talk about making money with the help of AdFly and also, how advertisers can benefit from the same. But before that, there are some important things to know and understand. How Does AdFly Work? Before anything else, it’s actually important for you to know how AdFly works. As you already know AdFly is not just a URL shortener but it is way more than that. It is a kind of a big marketing platform for advertisers and publishers to meet and generate business. But how exactly? So, AdFly allows registering two kinds of people on their platform: Advertisers and Publishers. Advertisers include the marketers, individuals, and businesses that are looking to advertise their products and services to people/audience. Publishers on the other hand are the people that have the audience. When publishers have traffic or an audience, they would want to monetize it. That’s where' AdFly comes in. Publishers will use AdFly to shorten their links and get it out to their audiences. When people will click those links, they will see ads (requested by the advertisers) and AdFly will give a part of the advertising fee it charged from the businesses to the publishers. That way, publishers will be able to earn money and businesses will reach new customers. Purpose of both the groups is served by AdFly. The working model is pretty easy to comprehend. Is AdFly Trusted and Legit? A simple answer to this question is: yes. AdFly is a trusted company or platform that is used by millions of people (over 5 million registered users) each and every single day generating millions of clicks and views. As you can see below, today alone, there are over 2 million clicks generated and the day is not even over yet. This shows that AdFly is a huge platform accessed by millions of people. Now, it’s time to know the process about how you can make money with AdFly as a publisher.
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